Signs your cat needs an emergency visit to the vet

Animals do not generally show their discomforts, especially cats. Cats live a quiet life and tend to keep their illness secret. It gets harder for us to be aware and we may not know it until it gets serious. There are times they begin to display behaviour that requires immediate medical attention. But what if they don’t? If you are ever in doubt, call your veterinarian right away, to be sure. However, there are few signs and symptoms that will inform you that when is the time to rush to a pet clinic Dubai. Here are a few reasons that you should pay attention to. 

  • Vomiting: Vomiting can be a sign that something is causing a blockage and should be checked immediately. Hairball can often be a reason. If there is an increase in vomiting multiple times a day or in the week, it requires a visit to your veterinarian.  
  • Inappropriate Urination: One of the biggest concerns is having a “blocked” cat. It can make them severely ill and die very quickly. If your cat peeing more or less frequently or experiencing apparent distress during urination or is unable to hold urine, call your veterinarian immediately.
  • Stool problems: Some cats will occasionally have an unusual bowel movement. However, as creatures of habit, they should not be constipated, having soft stool or diarrhoea, it needs immediate attention to prevent dehydration. Also or if their excrement contains blood, rush them to a vet.
  • Wounds: Whether your cat is indoor or goes outdoors, they can have a wound that requires medical attention. It is best to allow your veterinarian to evaluate a wound to determine if and how to treat your cat. Wounds can trap bacteria under the skin, causing an abscess which is very painful for kitty.
  • Diet changes: if your cat starts to drink a lot more, or a lot less call your veterinarian. Likewise, if they begin to eat more or less, you should call your veterinarian. Again, cats are creatures of habit and changes in eating or drinking are clues to a potential medical problem.
  • Lumps: It is not common for cats to have lumps like dogs. Occasionally a vaccine may cause a pea-sized lump at the injection site for a period of time, but otherwise, cats with lumps need to be seen as soon as possible by a veterinarian.
  • Lethargy: If your cat is sleeping more, not playing, not eating or drinking much, or if there seems a lack of energy, call your veterinarian as soon as you notice this. Sudden onset of lethargy is an emergency.
  • Disinterest in grooming: If they are not showing any interest in grooming or if their coat appears messy or loses its shine, it is also a matter of serious concern and needs an immediate visit to a vet.

These are just a few of the most common symptoms. Similarly, if your cat is found squinting, drooling or panting that are also the reasons for emergency visits to the veterinarian for cats. If you are ever in doubt, a quick call to your veterinarian is always the best advice. Vet veterinary clinic is the best pet clinic Dubai with years of experience in treating various breeds of cats and are exposed to many issues of illnesses.

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