Tips to follow when visiting a Vet for the first time

You just welcomed a new pet in your family! It is a must to consider a visit to a veterinary hospital Dubai to begin your pet’s wellness plan and care. Choosing a vet clinic is as much important for your pet as choosing their breed or naming them is. But going to a vet clinic is a strange sensation for your per and can be an extremely traumatic experience causing lots of anxiety. But due to this, you can’t just avoid the vet visit. Being a caring owner you wouldn’t put your pet’s health in trouble! 

We have compiled a few helpful tips you can follow to ease your pet’s stress. These tips will prepare your pet for successful trips to the veterinarian since yearly checkups and the occasional sick visit are necessary.

  • Avoid peak hours

Choose the appointment hours when there is not much rush. Most vet clinics are busy during early mornings or late afternoons. Make sure you schedule your pets to visit avoiding the peak hours. However, this may vary depending on the day and clinic especially on weekends. Morning or late afternoon times may be convenient to you but crowdedness at these times can increase your pet’s stress level due to the other animals around. Book an appointment on a day or time when there are no other appointments nearby. 

  • Tempt them with treats

Treat your pets as they love it. Bringing a treat for them will more likely make them obedient towards you. This way you can distract them from the chaos going around. You can direct your pet’s interest away by offering them treats. Don’t make giving them treats a habit. This is just for the first visit as rewarding them will make their first visit a special trip. 

  • Familiarize your pet

Prevention is always better than cure. Curing the fear that has already developed will be a little more difficult than making efforts to ease the visit. Get your pet early to the clinic to associate them with the staff. You should first explain your situation to the staff, so they welcome you by comforting your pet before the examination. They can try positive aspects like rubbing them or playing with them. Also, get your pet acquainted with the area. Making them familiar with the location and staff will help their check-up go much more smoothly.

  • Stay De-stressed

Because pets are very attached to humans, they can often sense their owner’s emotions. Make sure you stay relaxed and calm. If you are feeling anxious, fearful or sad, it is likely that your pet will too. So first destress yourself before preparing for the appointment.

By following these tips and taking the necessary precautions, your pet might actually enjoy their first vet visit. If you’ve already tried everything and still your pets are having problems, you may talk to the veterinarian. They may guide you about other options to help your pet stay calm. Vet Veterinary Clinic is the best veterinary hospital Dubai who knows your pet deserves the very best care possible.

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A guide to sponsoring your family in UAE

UAE is one of the most favorable countries to work and live comfortably. From a business perspective, the zero percent tax regime is what makes the country an incredibly attractive proposition. Moreover, the vibrant economy and the strategically emerging markets attract many foreign investors. On a personal level, residents of the UAE benefit from a high standard of living and quality of life. Dubai, in particular, is often considered as a great place to live. Reasons for this being the quality of healthcare offered here, environment, and level of safety of this city. And if you are an expatriate in this city, then all these benefits can extend to your family too. 

The process of applying for child visa Dubai, or that for your spouse or other family members, is quite straightforward. 

Who can I sponsor? 

You can sponsor any of your dependents including your spouse, children, or parents. But you need to make sure that you meet the sponsorship criteria and provide the required documents.

As a sponsor, you need to hold a valid UAE residency visa. Along with that, you should have a minimum salary of AED 5,000 for your spouse, AED 10,000 for both your spouse and child and AED 20,000 for your parents.

You will also require the attested marriage and/or birth certificate from the country of origin (translated if not in English or Arabic) for sponsoring your spouse or child.

Sponsoring your family member – step by step

If you meet the criteria and have the required documents in place, you can start with the sponsorship process. Whether you require a child visa Dubai, that for your spouse or parents, the process will consist of the following stages:

1. Entry permit: this is a temporary visa for your family member, that allows them to get an entry in Dubai. The entry permit is valid for 60 days. An entry permit application process takes about 15 days.

2. Status change: on getting an entry permit for your family members, you can activate it by the process called ‘status change’ or ‘status adjustment’. This stage is necessary to get a full residency visa. A status change can be carried out in-country, out of the country, and the ‘border run’, which entails driving across the UAE border and then re-entering to receive an entry stamp. It takes around 3-5 days to get a status change.

3. Medical fitness test and Emirates ID registration: a medical fitness test is necessary for any one getting the UAE visa (your child below 15 years is an exception).This comprises of a blood test for any infections and chest X-ray and takes about 2-3 hours. After passing the medical tests, your family should apply for their Emirates ID card (necessary for all UAE citizens needed to open bank accounts, to take out contracts for mobile phones, or tenancy agreements).

4. Residence visa stamping: this is the final stage of obtaining the visa for UAE, in which the UAE residence visa is stamped on your family member’s passport.

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How to prevent cable trays from getting damaged?

Cable trays are like a safe shield of a wiring distribution system. But it is extremely important to see to it that cable trays are installed properly. According to cable tray manufacturers in Dubai, when their design and installation is not done properly, there is a good chance for the wiring inside the cable trays to undergo possible damage such as electric shock, fire, or arc-flash blast events.

The following considerations should be made for safe maintenance and installation of cable trays –

The most important consideration when choosing cable trays is to see to it that the cable trays are compatible with the cables and the conductors they contain, and they are suitable for the environment where they will be installed.

There should be appropriate fire stops for cable trays passing through fire-rated partitions, floors or walls to prevent the spread of a fire.

Cable trays have to be supported according to MN the installation instructions. If the cable trays are overloaded, there a chance for a breakdown of the tray; this may lead to hazards like shocks or fire.

The usual fill capacity of a cable trays specified 50 percent fill of the cross-sectional area of the tray. In cases where the cable trays are overfilled, it is recommended to add another cable tray system next to the overfilled tray. Ensure that there is enough working space around the newly added cable tray.

Grounding of the cable tray systems is important for personal safety as well as protection against arcing which may occur anywhere in the whole wiring system. It is important to ensure that there is proper grounding before cables are installed and they are energized.

It is better to remove the abandoned cables within cable trays should be removed.

These are a few safety measures that can help prevent the damage of cable trays while making sure that they last long.

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