Tips to take care of your pets in summer

Just like us, pets require proper care, nourishment and attention just like any family member.  As a responsible pet owner, we want to take the very best care of them. According to the best veterinary clinic Dubai, they also need care according to the season. In summers you may need to be concerned about their heat exhaustion, play and exercise, insects such as mosquitoes, ticks and fleas as well as veterinarian care. These are a few summer pet care tips that can be very helpful. 

Heat Exhaustion

One thing that is very common in summers is the Heat exhaustion. In summers the temperatures and weather are so very hot that can cause dehydration and overheat. Even us as humans have to take proper precautions against the heat, so why not for animals? You must take some protection to assure the best health of your pet. Ensure that your dog or cat does not become dehydrated or suffers from heat exhaustion. Make sure your pet has all the water it needs and enough to eat. Be sure you avoid overfeeding them will make them gain weight and which may result in overheating much more quickly during the summer. 

Play and Exercise

When it comes to playing and exercising, you should limit the amount of time your pet might spend running. They should not become overheated by playing or while they do walking exercises. You may take them for walking and exercising either early in the morning hours before it gets too hot or in the cooler evening hours after sunset. If you don’t get much time, you can take your pet swimming while the weather is hot. This way they get cool off and get a little exercise. Also, make sure they have sufficient shade available since it will have protection from the hot UV rays of the sun.


Another thing you must check is about insects such as mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. They can cause uneasy and irritating problems for pets. Ticks and fleas carry diseases that can easily be transmitted to your pet. Mosquitoes pose the problem of infecting dogs with heartworms that can become fatal without proper treatment. Practising insect control is a must; however, do make sure that any type of product you may use for insect control is nontoxic. Also, check if a product is advisable for use with your particular type of pet.

Veterinarian Care

All responsible pet owners should understand that to keep their pets in the best of health proper veterinarian care is a must. The first thing you should make sure is that your pet is done with all its vaccinations. This will help ensure the health of your pets as well as any person the pet may come in contact with as well as other pets. Your vet can offer you some great advice about pet care during the summer. This may include information about the various vaccinations, prevention and care for heat exhaustion, hydration and overheating. The vet will also help choose the best means of pest control and removal techniques. 

As a pet owner, you want the very best for your pet companions. Keeping these 4 summer pet care tips in mind will help you offer your pets with a more comfortable, healthy and happy life.

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5 Services Veterinary Clinics Should Provide

Almost every other household has pets as part of their family. Finding the right veterinary clinic for the pet is usually a difficult task because many of us aren’t familiar with the distinguishing features of a good clinic. It is very necessary to analyse the veterinary clinic you take your pet too. It should be fully equipped to handle most if not all types of common pet-related issues. We will focus on some of the services clinics should provide to pets as well as pet owners. Here are some things you must check out while choosing the ideal pet clinic Dubai:

1. Physical Exams at Veterinary Clinics

The first thing that is essential to find the infections and symptoms of the disease is through physical examination by veterinarians. This is not only determined by visual examination, but certain tests must also be performed with it. The clinic you choose must be able to provide all the necessary tests for in-depth physical examination. 

2. Nutritional Counseling For Pet Owners

A pet’s health completely depends on how well their owners take care of them. To be a good and caring pet owner, you need to be fully aware of their pet’s nutritional aspects. It is not that what humans prefer to eat is also good for pets. This is not so many human food items can be fatal for pets such as chocolate. The clinic you choose must provide you with adequate information on pet nutrition.

3. Pet X-Rays

X-rays are important in determining if your pet has any severe fractures or bone damages. These also help in detecting early stages of swelling and bone marrow caused due to a broken bone. A pet may face severe consequences if a broken bone is not diagnosed timely and is left untreated. The clinics should have all the facilities and fully equipped to deal with any pet emergencies and different types of pet injuries.

4. Proficient Medical Staff

A good vet clinic makes no sense without eligible technicians who know how to work them and are aware

of how to analyze their results and readings. Not only the staff should be knowledgeable, but they should also be well trained to handle pets and be able to indicate great patience. The staff should be so humble that a pet owner feels safe and secure when handing over their pet to them. It is, therefore, crucial to confirm that the clinic you choose employs qualified veterinarians, expert medical technicians and professional receptionists.

5. Pet Vaccinations

Just like our newborn child needs to get vaccines at different stages, pets also have to get vaccinated throughout the year. The vet clinic you choose should not lack with vaccines and have a surplus of needed and optional vaccines for both cats and dogs. Clinics should be fully functional to conduct them at ease for all pets.

These are just a few things that you can focus and analyse when choosing a vet clinic. Make sure that the vet clinic you choose provides the above-mentioned services to deal with any and every pet emergency swiftly and instantly. Vet Veterinary Clinic is the best pet clinic Dubai having all the necessary facilities and services a pet needs. 

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