Complications and Side-Effects of Gastric Balloon in Dubai

Just like every other weight loss treatments, the procedure of getting a gastric balloon implanted too has some complications and side effects. However, if the process is carried out by an experienced medical professional who offers gastric balloon in Dubai, these side-effects and complications can be reduced to a minimum. Some of them have been discussed in this post.

  1. According to the professionals, during the first couple of weeks of getting this process done, the patient can experience a lot of stomach cramps.
  2. Some may experience these cramps in combination with nausea, vomiting sensation and so on.
  3. Bloating is another common side effect experienced by most people undergoing this process.
  4. In very rare cases, it has been seen that the during the procedure the oesophagus and stomach  may get a little damage that may lead to bleeding or discomfort.
  5. This damage can also cause stomach ulcers that may be cured only by surgery.
  6. Similarly, there are chances that you may experience infections caused by bacteria that grow inside the balloon. In this case, you’ll be advised to take some antibiotic pills to get rid of the infection.
  7. Another complication could be intestinal obstruction, which is caused by the leakage of balloon and deflating.

In case if things go really serious, it is always better to meet the doctor who installed the gastric balloon in Dubai. They will advise you on how to eat, what to eat and when to eat along with the quantity to eat and avoid these side-effects from occurring.

If you want an effective weight loss you must always consult a professional offering the procedure of gastric balloon in Dubai.

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